//------- ÄÄNIAALTO -------

ÄÄNIAALTO is a two-day sound art festival showcasing performances, installations and fixed media works from sound and media artists based in Helsinki.
The first edition of ÄÄNIAALTO (2016) came from the sound committee of MediaLab's Student Association, DADA.
The core of the idea was to develop and evolving platform for gathering, sharing and experimenting different sound and visual based works.

When we started in MediaLab, the lack of performances inside the space was noticeable. In order to heal this lack, our team: Petteri Mäkiniemi, Fernando Visockis, Ava Grayson and I proposed DADA to host a sound art festival inside MediaLab premises.
When launched an open call inside MediaLab, but fortunately it spread further away and we also got submissions from independet artists based in Helsinki.

The first edition of ÄÄNIAALTO was somehow modest, at the lounge of MediaLab with active monitors as our main PA. Nevertheless, the program involved 24 artits with 3 installations, 7 fixed media works, and 12 performances.

The quality and diversity of the works presented and the engagement of the audience was enough to set our motivation for a second edition of ÄÄNIAALTO.

Big thanks to DADA and all the artits and staff that made the festival possible.

ÄÄNIAALTO's program can be found here: download

Installations' computers

Tuomas Ahva

Sebastien Piquemal & Fernando Visockis