//------- ÄÄNIAALTO II -------

ÄÄNIAALTO is a two-day sound art festival showcasing performances, installations and fixed media works from sound and media artists based in Helsinki.
The purpose of the second edition of ÄÄNIAALTO (10-11.03.2017) was to display the great scene of Helsinki's sound art. However, it went further by also gathering artists outside this city.

Following the success of the previous edition. We aimed to take the festival to a more accessible space. This time 20 performances, 2 installations and 2 fixed works filled Vapaan Taiteen Tila (Free Arts Space), a huge bunker in Sörnäinen, the "hipster" neighbourhood of Helsinki.

Once more, the quality the works presented and the amount of the audience inspired us to keep developing ÄÄNIAALTO.

Big thanks to DADA and all the artists and staff that made the festival possible.