//------- fixed media pieces -------

// _MVLTVRS (2017)
Binaural recording, please use headphones.
Collaborative ambisonic composition made with Adriana Essén, Fabian Roos, Harald Jordal, Anna Makela and Paulius Bucius during the NORD+MIX workshop @ the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.
Winner of the 3rd award in the category of audio drama in the 3D Audio Production Competition at ICSA 2017 (AT).

// retrato (2016)
In the course Gender Issues in Sound Studies, Taina Riikonen asked to create a sonic profile of ourselves. This sonic profile represents the in-between sonic state I found after living for a few months in Finland, a transition from the noise of Madrid to the almost silent nuances of a winter forest.

// Violenta mirada de color violeta (2015)
This piece was an exercise to introduce myself to digital synthesis. The additive and subtractive synthesis layers are mixed with processed field and contact mic recordings.

// Un viaje reflejado sobre el Sena (2014)
I made this piece as a compilation of a trip around Europe. The material consists of several field recordings I made during the trip which are processed under several effects in Ableton Live.
The recordings were taken with a Yamaha Pocketrak PR7

// Musica de la arquitectura viva y muerta de Madrid w/ Diego Pelaez (2014)
This piece presents a journey through different sonic spaces of Madrid with peculiar acoustic properties. The sound walk in the piece follows this path: old subway station Chamberí - First Monastery of the Visitation - the local slaughterhouse - old Tobacco Factory of Madrid - Airport T4 - Metro Engine Shed - train station of Atocha. After being abandoned for some time, some of these places have been transformed into new cultural places offering the citizens the opportunity to involuntarily interact with their beautiful acoustic properties. 
This piece was presented in FASE Fest 2014 (DE), PNEM Sound Art Festival 2014 (NL) and in II CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL ESPACIOS SONOROS Y AUDIOVISUALES: Experimentación Sensorial y Escucha Activa 2014 (SP).