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Liisi Soroush and I created “Ihminen” as a sonic experience about people and their stories. The interviews palyed during the experience waved in an intimate real-time composition of familiar soundscapes, memories and ambiences, in addition to sonified statistics. While the stories remained anonymous, this performance enabled the voices of the people to be heard.
This generative composition identified the particular urban soundscapes of suburbs, metro station and Oodi together with Finnish nature, which we all are privileged to experience around us. The interviews and field recordings were both recorded in ambisonics and the resulting generative composition was played in a quadrophonic ambisonic set-up.
“Ihminen” was partially driven by the roaming of the visitors, unfolding the work into a spatial and embodied ambience. The statistics were reading the numbers reported of people experiencing loneliness in all age groups. This cold data worked in dialogue with the realm of messages of humanity.
“Ihminen” was presented at No Labels No Walls festival, an inclusive event organised in Oodi library Helsinki to empower the artistic works of everybody.
“Ihminen” is the second work of a series based on ordinary people and neighbourhoods stories. This series is intended to be played in an ambisonic setup on public spaces, where the sounds of those spaces merge with the ambisonic recordings and electronic composition.

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