//------- joulukuusimetsän äänet -------

"Joulukuusimetsän äänet” (Voices of the Christmas forest) was a multichannel audio and media installation commissioned by the National Museum of Finland.
Exhibited at the gardens of the museum, the installation welcomed visitors to experience a journey along different perspectives of the Christmas season. On this journey, visitors encountered conversations that manifest how the social and cultural aspects of this season can have a contrasting or similar impact depending on who is experiencing it.
The voices that the visitors heard talked about personal stories, opinions and cultural approaches and proposed the visitors to reflect on their own experience about these festivities.
The recordings are excerpts of interviews that we did to different social groups who also worked on the decoration of the Christmas trees.
Joulukuusimetsän äänet was created in collaboration with Alex van Giersbergen, Mercedes Said and Bryant Hoban.

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