//------- lil'noise -------

"lil'noise" is a small digital synthesizer with a digital feedback function.
My purpose was to make a really small, kind of minimalist, synthesizer that was capable of being really noisy and powerful. A feedback loop, in this case digital, filled my needs because with just two sine oscillators it can turn a completely clean sine wave into a chaotic distorted signal.
I made this instrument for the course Live Electronics Atelier taught by Alejandro Olarte in Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. Inside an aluminum case there is a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a pHAT DAC running supercolliderStandaloneRPI1 and being controlled with 4 potentiometers and one ultrasonic distance sensor via an Arduino Uno.

The original purpose was to use a Teensy LC instead of an Arduino Uno. however, I couldn't manage to get the Teensy to communicate with SC inside the Pi Zero. Taking into account that I needed to present the project at the showcase, eventually I built it with the Arduino Uno inside and an usb cable going from outside the box to inside the box...

Technical sheet:

first prototype