//------- live coding & free impro -------

My first contact with free improvisation came from Wade Matthews and the free impro cycle ¡Escucha! he organized at the Cruce gallery in Madrid.
The concept of free improvisation that Matthews articulates in his book "Improvisando. La libre creación musical" (2012), as an experimental and creative process that is created at and for the very moment interacting with the dynamics of the context, influenced my artistic creation in the upcoming years.
After I moved to Finland, I decided to stop any music production not based on the context and instant of creation. I thought of free improvisation as an artistic creation that can only be experienced once, strongly connected to the moment, audience and place where it took place. Thus, I avoided taking any documentation of the free improvisation concerts I took part in. Not documenting these concerts backfired as a professional mistake...
While my first free improvisations were done in Ableton Live, I now use live coding in SuperCollider as my instrument.
Here you will find some of the few documentation I have recovered from the past and some of the ones I have proactively recorded.

// Microphonical Improvisation w/ Michael Sagulin and Saara Viika @ UNM Tampere (FI, 2020)

// Live w/ Arya So (sampling) @ No Labels No Walls Festival Oodi Library (FI, 2019)
Binaural audio, please use headphones.

// Live w/ Michael Sagulin (viola) and Saara Viika (cello) @ the Estonian academy of Music and Theatre (EE, 2019)

// Live w/ Michael Sagulin (viola) @ the Estonian academy of Music and Theatre (EE, 2018)

// Live w/ Satu Tillanen (voice, trombone), Helina Karvak (dance) and Theodore Parker (el. guitar) @ the Estonian academy of Music and Theatre (EE, 2018)

// Live w/ Tua Hakanpää (voice) @ NORD+MIX (LT, 2017)
Binaural recording, please use headphones.

// Live w/ Jukka Kääriäinen (el. guitar) and Johannes Sarasto (electronics) @ ÄÄNIAALTO II (FI, 2017)

// Live @ ÄÄNIAALTO (FI, 2016)

// Salmorejo electroacústico excerpt (SP, 2015)
In this duo, Carlos Estrella and I mixed flamenco with electroacoustic music. The improvisation is driven by choices from tarot cards.
The name comes from the aim to deliver a multisensorial experience by giving the audience Salmorejo (cold tomato soup) made by ourselves to enjoy while listening.