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“Machine embodiment” is an interactive sound installation that invites to a corporal and spatial exploration. Two visitors at a time can share the experience of the collaborative creation of an electronic soundscape.
The connection between body movements and sound is a topic that interests me a lot since I started in MediaLab. Machine Embodiment can be seen as evolving project where I have tried out several experiments in order to find a meaningful connection between sound and movement.
The concept of "Machine Embodiment" was developed by Victor Pardinho and me during the Physical Interaction Course in MediaLab. We wanted to make an installation that would rise questions of self-awareness by relating audiovisual experience, body movement and space intervention.
The video above shows the development of this idea during the course Media and Sonic Art in Advanced Studies in Sibelius Academy. During this course Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski tutored me in order to find a connection between body movements and sound gestures that would feel "natural". Thus, different properties of the sounds would mutate according to the direction and complexity of body movements.

In order to track the visitors, I use a kinect and OpenNI2OSC. This last application sends OSC data to SuperCollider and Pure Data, where the sound processing happens.
During demonstrations of this installation I have noticed things to be improved, and I consider the subject of enough interest to continue being researched constantly.

Technical sheet: