//------- the butterfly effect -------

The Butterfly Effect is a sonic immersion in connection with the light installation Photosynthesis by Aalto NEPPI . Field recordings of Vallisaari and synthetic soundscapes merge under the wings of bats and butterflies. This hybrid soundscape is then followed by the sonic articulations created by the surrounding environment produced by both nature and human beings.
The evolution of the soundscape triggered by the flight of bats and butterfly wings are the guide to the processes of the evolutionary story. In a state of consciousness level, these representations walk the visitor along with the exhibition space.
Along with these rooms, the diverse soundscape of this island is represented, manipulated and revolved around a multichannel audio system. The point of climax unfolds into the photosynthesis process in a form of basic elements such as oxygen, light and water.
The Butterfly Effect was made in collaboration with Liisi Soroush

Technical sheet: