J. Camilo Sanchez Carranco is a sound artist based in Helsinki, Finland. Camilo has a strong attraction towards electronic sounds and movement interaction. This fascination inspires him to explore the equilibrium between sound synthesis and the organic nature of body movements. This approach is palpable in the exploratory aspect of his works and especially in his interactive installations.
Besides, he is interested in generative sound processes that can present a completely different sound reality to the one that we as humans are used to. His works vary from experimental live coding performances, DIY instruments to multichannel audio and interactive installations.
Camilo holds a Bphil in Musicology by the Autonomous University of Madrid and an MA in New Media: Sound in New Media by Aalto University.
Camilo’s works have been presented in different festivals and museums such as MuteFest’16 (FI), DASH’16 (FI), Nord+Mix ‘17 (LT), The Museum of Technology ‘17 (FI), The National Museum of Finland ‘17 (FI) and Flash Vallisaari ‘18 (FI).
Aside from his own artistic work, Camilo organizes the annual audiovisual festival ÄÄNIAALTO in collaboration with DADA ry.