//------- lil'noise -------

"lil'noise" is a small digital synthesizer with a digital feedback function.
My purpose was to make a really small, kind of minimalist, synthesizer that was capable of being really noisy and powerful. A feedback loop, in this case digital, filled my needs because with just two sine oscillators it can turn a completely clean sine wave into a chaotic distorted signal.
I made this instrument for the course Live Electronics Atelier taught by Alejandro Olarte in Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. Inside an aluminum case there is a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a pHAT DAC running supercolliderStandaloneRPI1 and being controlled with 4 potentiometers and one ultrasonic distance sensor via an Arduino Uno.

The original purpose was to use a Teensy LC instead of an Arduino Uno. however, I couldn't manage to get the Teensy to communicate with SC inside the Pi Zero. Taking into account that I needed to present the project at the showcase, eventually I built it with the Arduino Uno inside and an usb cable going from outside the box to inside the box...

The code can be found at the bottom of the page.

Technical sheet:

first prototype